The Good Paint Care Guide

As with most things in life, it’s the little ways you look after paint now that can make a big difference in the future. Here are a few handy tips to keep everything tip-top.


Irrespective of the substrate type and the paint product you’ll find that a good annual clean can work wonders for prolonging your exterior. All kinds of contaminants settle on paint throughout the year, which can cause a breakdown of the coating surface. Be sure to check areas that are not covered in rain regularly – this is where dirt can accumulate quickly.


a) First, get a bucket of warm water with an (environmentally friendly) detergent.

b) For mould and mildew use a 1 part bleach, 4 parts water solution, and rinse thoroughly while the surface is wet. Always wear the right safety equipment when cleaning the building exterior too.

c) Use either a soft-bristle brush or broom or, for tougher stains, a nonabrasive nylon scrub pad. Start at the top of the building and work your way down. Regularly use a hose to rinse each section before it dries.

d) If you are using a power washer always use it at the lowest pressure setting. Use the wide spread fan tip and never place the tip close to the surface. We cannot emphasize this enough – incorrectly used power washers cause considerable damage to walls.


Timber will always move depending on the temperature. This can cause cracking in certain types of wood, and timely maintenance is important to ensure moisture doesn’t get in to cause subsequent blistering, mould and, eventually, rotting. Steel requires that rust be first removed with the right equipment before spot-priming and a top coat can be applied.

Repeat and repeat and repeat

Just liking maintaining your car paintwork, you will need to keep up the maintenance of your property paint work too. Our maintenance plans provide peace of mind you’ll get the best return on your investment with as little input as possible. With an expert property audit we can assess where your problem areas might appear, and then put a plan in place to prevent damage and increase the paint’s lifespan. To find out how use the contact form below:


Richard Waite

Richard Waite

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