The game plan. How to reduce your property maintenance costs

It’s not hard to find popular phrases that back a good plan. Be it ‘a stitch in time saves nine’, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ or simply ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’, it’s common knowledge nothing good comes from procrastination.

But when budgets are tight many New Zealand businesses often resort to stringing out property maintenance to the very last minute.

We often come across properties that desperately need repainting. Well, to be precise, properties with some parts that need repainting. Such buildings, particularly those with dark timber surfaces that are north and/or west facing, can have been screaming out for a recoat for the previous three or four years. Yet walk around the property and the cooler sides of the same building look good as new.

Depending on the location, substrate and colour there can be a night and day difference between the maintenance requirements for various walls on the same building. Some surfaces have a lifespan of five years. Others may be fine after fifteen.

By continuing with the old mindset of a regular ‘10 year repaint’ many property owners are essentially wasting money. They’re spending on redundant work for the ‘good half’ of the building. And they’re wasting even more on remedial work for the ‘bad half’. There is a more efficient way. It’s called a maintenance plan.

Some surfaces have a lifespan of five years. Others may be fine after fifteen.

A good maintenance plan focuses on getting all surfaces up to a manageable condition and then keeping them there. It focuses on preventing the coating breakdown while also repairing issues as soon as they occur. Once a plan is in place the right preparation, cleaning and painting ensures all sides of the building can look consistent no matter what the elements throw at each of them.The result is significant long-term savings, less substrate damage and, importantly, a better-looking property overall.

There is no magic bullet that will keep your building looking perfect year after year. Instead, with some careful planning and an expert touch here and there, you can ensure your property is less ad hoc, more in sync and undoubtedly picture-perfect in the years to come.

If you have any other questions regarding maintenance planning or would like a site inspection get in touch today.

Ben Waite

Ben Waite

Ben has had vast experience in the painting and industrial coatings industry. Having left school to work in the family business has meant that his experience has been learnt from the ground up. Training of teams today is a large focus for Ben, and something he believes sets National Decorators team apart from the rest. Ben has worked in the waterproofing/ industrial flooring sector for many years which gave vast knowledge to the technical coatings industry.Having been head foreman on jobs of over 5000 man hours, he currently manages over 5000 man hours every month from an operations manager’s role.
Ben has managed the Health and Safety division of the company for 5 years now along with our consultants, and is delighted at our result of 96% on the AppCon contractor database. Along with this National Decorators also successfully passed ACC secondary assessment audit.
Ben enjoys working closely with clients to understand their needs and timeframes to deliver a great result on time and in a professional manner. He loves working with the National Decorators team to inspire the members to excel, live happy lives and in turn please the great clients we work with every day
Ben Waite

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