Spider Proofing

Nothing screams neglect like cobwebs on a building.

Our spider proofing treatments for New Zealand buildings keep creepy crawlers and their unsightly webs at bay. Spiders often set up shop in weatherboards, under eaves, in window cavities and exterior cracks. They can be particularly persistent in the warmer areas of New Zealand – the sticky strands flapping in the breeze an obvious sign that a building’s exterior needs some attention. Yes, sweeping away the cobwebs is one way to discourage them. But for getting rid of spider webs on buildings long term you need an expert approach.

Where they live: under eaves and in the cracks

We treat spider-spots on building exteriors with a long-lasting insecticide either as a stand-alone solution or as part of a broader maintenance plan. Our formulation kills spiders at all stages of their life cycle. It’s biodegradable and odourless and will not leave a residue.Spider-proofing also ensures your building can be protected from the nastiest of our eight-legged adverseries. White-tail spiders, while not considered poisonous to humans, can still cause painful inflammation with their bite. They are relatively well established in the North Island and parts of the South Island. Because they tend to inhabit roof voids, their messy, tangled nests are often found on eaves and guttering.

There’s only one web that’s helpful here – the world-wide web. Email us today to organise a large-scale solution to spider control. We can also put a plan in place to protect and preserve your building from damage in the future. And with this measured and efficient approach we can provide such services as building washing and window cleaning, along with gutter cleaning at key times of the year and graffiti removal when and where it’s needed.

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