Specialist Coatings

Keeping steel clean and rust free is a mission, but critical for the supportive structure of your building. Keeping the rust away means removing any risk of oxidation which eventually results in disintegration. National Decorators Ltd provides steel and specialist coatings so you can protect your assets in the long term.

Types of rust to be aware of…

Red Rust

This is a rust from iron oxide due to high oxygen and water exposure resulting in red rust also caused by heavy exposure to air and water. Red rust has a uniform corrosion, most often from a very corrosive environment.

Yellow Rust

A rust from a very soluble iron oxide results in yellow rust. Yellow rust forms because of high moisture content. It is frequently found in settings where puddled/ standing water has most likely been present.

White Rust

White rust occurs on galvanised steel. It is a rapid and localized corrosion attack on the zinc which occurs as a white deposit. White rust attack can occur on an older zinc surface if exposed to high PH, very high conductivity water, or if the old surface has been scraped off or aggressively cleaned.

Brown Rust

Iron oxides with oxygen and low moisture results in brown rust, forming as a drier rust from the rest. This is caused by water and oxygen in the atmosphere presenting as a red crust.

Black Rust

Iron oxide with limited oxygen and low moisture results in black rust. It can be identified as a black thin film which is a result of oxidation in a low oxygen environment.  This type of rust is a more stable rust layer that does not propagate as rapidly as other rust types.
As you can imagine, small rust spots form into deeper issues. Coating your steel structures is extremely important. With our specialist coating service, we can coat, maintain and protect your steel from any risk of rusting. There are a few ways of blasting your rust off the steel, this can be done either with a wet or dry sandblasting and dry ice blasting for food grade areas. National Decorators specialise in coating cranes, tanks, silos, food grade areas (large food manufacturing sites), steel beams, bridges, transmission towers, wind turbines, power stations, penstocks, carparks and other steel structures. With the use of our coating brands Altex, MHP and International we can ensure your steel is rust-free.

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