EQ Repair & OPT Out

Are you tired of waiting for earthquake repairs to be done?

National Decorators specialises in repairing properties that have light earthquake damage. Our teams have successfully completed over 500 opt out and Fletcher EQR repairs.
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How does opt out work?

Rather than having Fletcher EQR manage the repairs on your home, you can choose to opt out. This means you jump the queues, reduce a lot of complexity and get your home repaired much faster.

Do I pay more?

No, you don’t pay anything. All payment is managed between EQC and National Decorators meaning you don’t have any outlay at all. At the end of the project we invoice EQC and get paid from them directly.

What services do you cover?

National Decorators focus on light damaged homes. This includes trades like painting, plastering, tiling, brick work, carpet and smaller building works.

How do I do it?

1. Contact National Decorators by email or phone. One of our team will come out and visit your property and assess the damage, talk through the process and answer any queries.

2. Complete the opt out form and authorised agent form and send into EQC. They will contact you within 15 days to arrange a visit with yourself and National Decorators.

3. We will provide a quote for the works to EQC who will review against their budget for the project. If EQC have any queries with regards to the pricing or strategies used, we will liaise with them.

4. Once the quote is approved, National Decorators will begin the repair works. If any further earthquake damage is found during the project we will liaise with EQC on your behalf. Our project manager will make regular visits to your home during the project and you will be provided with regular updates on progress.

5. On completion we will invoice EQC for the completed works. They will then pay us directly in full, costing you nothing.


What our clients say

"We wish to express our thanks to EQC, Fletchers and National Decorators for coordinating the repairs to our home. The work was carried out in the time frame given to a very high standard and we are delighted with the result. All staff were polite and professional and kept in contact with updates, as we were out of town."Pat & Alan Bougen