Commercial Partnership

At National Decorators we believe in developing loyal long term relationships.

That’s why we encourage construction companies and project managers to partner with us to improve their supply chain and operations.
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The benefit to us is the value of a long term loyal relationship and the benefit to you is guaranteed supply, exceptional service and fast pricing and quoting.

We will assign a primary project manager to your company who will be responsible for the management of your projects. Typically we will assign the same onsite teams to your projects to ensure smooth communications. You will receive regular reporting on all aspects of the project as required.

Our competent administration team works hard to ensure that quoting, billing and other administrative tasks are done quickly and with accuracy reducing downtime and bottlenecks within your admin. We will also adapt our systems and procedures to integrate seamlessly with your's, further streamlining the process.

We can also negotiate open book rates to work on which further build a trust relationship between partners and speed up the estimation process.