Rubber Roofing Membrane

The elements can certainly put in the challenge when it comes to testing the weather proofing of New Zealand’s commercial buildings. Repairs on rubber roofing and other areas require a waterproofing solution that can handle the extremes. With our  liquid rubber application we can now quickly and cost-effectively fix leaking Butyl roofs.

Before: Butyl Rubber roofing in bad shape

After: Liquid Rubber Waterproof applicated

It can be hard to see, but the battering your building takes from rain and wind can provide significant (and often unforeseen) maintenance costs. Butyl isa synthetic rubber membrane that protects against water, frosts, chemicals and bacteria. Durable and cost-effective, it is a popular waterproofing solution for New Zealand businesses. Yet Butyl still has it’s limits – and it can take considerable investment to replace.

That’s where our new Liquid Rubber repair system saves the day.

This spray-on, instant-set membrane provides the perfect cost effective solution for roof repairs on buildings, allowing building owners to patch and repair instead of ripping up, removing and replacing the existing substrate.

It’s also a fast and effective system for waterproofing below-ground foundations and tanks, and is helpful in repairing rust, leaks andother unsightly messes on many different applications and surfaces.

It’s why, for metal, concrete, plywood and Butyl roof repairs from Auckland to Invercargill we’re finding Liquid Rubber repair system is proving popular.

With our Liquid Rubber we can fix leaks and issues with:





water tanks

Here at National Decorators we know there is no one-size-fits all product. It’s why we don’t offer a straight off the shelf solution. And it’s why we take pride in correctly scoping each and every job to provide the most efficient and cost- effective long-term life to New Zealand’s commercial buildings.

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