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A clean bill of health

The University of Otago fronts up

The University of Otago campus provides a focal point for both the student community and the surrounding city of Dunedin. Here the range of architectural styles and construction materials requires careful planning and action when starting in on building maintenance work. In 2017 we have undertaken washing work across a number of key buildings at the university. This has focused on cleaning away both spiders and accumulated dirt across all structure surfaces. Previously the team had completed washing work for the Adams building and the Microbiology building at the university. The client therefore knew what to expect from the team for a recent project – a thorough surface clean of the Information Services building. We had to carefully scope this work, providing outside the box thinking for effective outside the building washing.

With a lot of foot traffic during term time we needed to undertake the project with maximum speed to ensure minimum disruption
To do so we undertook this work primarily using large boom lifts, a method that avoids the hassle and cost of the traditional scaffolding approach.
The four-man cleaning team worked hard to ensure even the most difficult areas were accessed and cleaned with minimum fuss. With a lot of foot traffic during term time they needed to undertake the project with maximum speed to ensure the least disruption to study times. Across a two-week time timeframe Lucas, Marcio and Nestor capably assisted team leader Daniel Bardella in this work. According to project manager Norm Waite “the university was thrilled with our time to get the job done.” “They appreciated our commitment to safety before and during the work,” he says. “As well as the high standard finish we achieved in even the most difficult of areas.”
The big picture 2 week timeframe 5 man project team 5,000m2 (approx) of building washed University of Otago founded in 1869