Christchurch Girls High

Weeping up with maintenance at the 1000+ student Christchurch Girls High School was a major challenge. Large and complex buildings combined with years of reactive works made the job of catch-up a big task.

Christchurch Girls High School required a solution that would happen regularly in a hassle free way, but flexible enough to accommodate proposed demolition and changes to various blocks. National Decorators were engaged to provide the solution that ticked all the boxes. A long term programme was instigated which maps out the course of action into the future and includes the cleaning of buildings, spider proofing, window cleaning and repainting. Each year the school is provided with clear reporting on the condition of their buildings and any areas for concern outside of the programme.

And whats the result?

Today maintenance at Christchurch Girls High happens automatically with minimal effort from the school, freeing up the staff to focus on the most critical areas of their job. The school is already looking much improved; everyone has confidence that the maintenance is in good hands and the school can enjoy the savings of ‘prevention rather than cure’.

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