Burnside High School

Over the recent two week holiday period, National Decorators completed painting and maintenance at Burnside High School. Given the short time frame, we used multiple crews under the diligent supervision of National Decorators Foreman Dallis Lima-Dias. Proactive project management was required to achieve the high standard National Decorators aspires for in a compressed time frame. Also planning ahead was crucial, taking into account any weather affected days.

Both blocks are very visibleĀ as they are on the outward facing portions and as such now provide an improved aesthetic in these areas. Fantastic co-operation from the Facilities ManagerĀ and the school maintenance staff who responded quickly to prune the surrounding foliage to enable preparation and painting of the previously hidden surfaces.The excellent relationship between the school and National Decorators staff assists greatly in generating an enjoyable working environment for our staff to complete these projects.