How much will it cost to paint my roof?

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After many years of commercial roof painting in New Zealand, it’s safe to say we’ve covered a lot of buildings. One of the first questions we’re asked is also one of the most obvious – how much is it going to cost?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about New Zealand commercial building painting, it’s that no project is ever exactly the same. The cost of painting a roof can vary significantly depending on many factors including, but here are some questions we’ll ask before providing a quote:

1. What access is required?

The first priority for any commercial painting project must always be to keep the contractors and public safe. The use of scaffolding, abseil systems, lifts or other forms of roof access will depend on the building shape, size and access points and can affect the cost.

2. What size is the roof?

It may seem obvious but it’s surprising how often ‘guesstimates’ based on differently sized properties can lead building owners astray. Larger roof areas can create efficiencies in the painting process but this should not be taken for granted.

3. Where is the roof location?

Travel considerations must be taken into account. While metropolitan areas are straightforward, more isolated locations can create travel and accommodation costs. This should be factored into any estimates.

4. What is the current condition of the roof?

Some roofs will require additional preparation and priming prior to applying the coatings so it’s important to closely inspect roof’s current condition when seeking an estimate. On previous projects we’ve used double water-blasting, alkyd (stain-blocking) primers and hand preparation to get a roof ready to paint. Ensuring the roof is in the best condition possible before applying paint is key to a long-lasting paint job. For more information, read our Roof Checklist: four things to look for.

5. What is the angle of the roof?

Steeply angled roofs increase the overall surface area and must be factored in when measuring your roof. Yes, it’s time to put all that trigonometry theory from school into practice! Severe angles can increase the difficulty and access requirements, which can impact the overall price. There are also other factors to consider for costing and time-lining any roof painting project. In New Zealand, that’s everything from the type of roof construction and the time of year, to the privacy and noise requirements of the building’s occupants. Here, the small details can make a big difference in the final cost.
It’s why we always recommend a comprehensive site visit and consultation period. A quick ‘drive-by quote’ or seeing photos of the roof is not good enough to provide a realistic estimate. It’s also why, with the equipment available nowadays, there’s no excuse not to get these small details right.

“No structure is
ever exactly the

We’re happy to use drone technology if necessary to correctly scope a project – the client’s peace of mind can only be achieved with our total clarity.
You shouldn’t just take our word for it either. Get a quote. Get three or four if you need to. Ensuring a quality finish that performs as promised is vital (as is getting it done as cost-effectively as possible). After all, you don’t want to be going over this list again in another year or two...

Watch how we painted a particularly tricky church roof.

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Richard Waite

Richard Waite

Richard has been the General Manager of National Decorators for the past 5 years developing the company in the property and construction markets. Working off the base of a 100+ year old legacy, he has refined the company from a family business to be the leading painting company in the country. Some key developments have been in the integration of significant IT systems to increase the customer experience and enhance efficiency. Another big focus was reshaping the culture of the onsite teams to reflect the company in the best possible way.
Richard also leads a sales and marketing team of 7 staff, pushing into new markets and developing new services for our customers. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife Jenny and 2 young girls, as well as joining in community events.
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