How to reduce your property maintenance costs

It’s not hard to find popular phrases that back a good plan. Be it ‘a stitch in time saves nine’, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ or simply ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’, it’s common knowledge nothing good comes from procrastination.


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How much will it cost to paint my roof?

After many, many years of commercial roof painting in New Zealand it’s safe to say we’ve covered a lot of buildings and worked with a lot of owners and building managers. One of the first questions asked is also one of the most obvious – how much is work going to cost?


repainting church with Cherrypicker
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5 tips for maintaining your Butynol roof

Rubber roofing is renowned for toughness and durability. But, like all parts of the building, it should be checked regularly and included in your regular maintenance schedule (and if you don’t have a maintenance schedule get in touch and we’ll audit your site and set one up). In the meantime, here are a few quick tips for Rubber Butyl maintenance and repair.


Old leaking butynol roof in auckland school
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How to evaluate a Contractor Quote

Comparing contractors for projects can be a difficult task because the industry supplies intangible services. You cannot sample the experience of a plumber, painter or property consultant until you actually give them the order. In contrast evaluating tangible items like a battery drill, photocopier or lawnmower is much easier because you can see and touch them during the evaluation phase.


Cherrypicker and painters at high school
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How to make a simple paint maintenance plan

Maintaining painted surfaces has many benefits for organisations however it can often be overlooked and put in the too hard basket. The key to developing a great paint maintenance plan is keeping it simple and also flexible. Remember, things change and you probably don’t want to be locked into an unwanted maintenance programme for years to come.


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First Impressions Count

“The confidence I built up with Wilson over the year he called on me before we undertook the work has morphed into complete confidence in him and National Decorators.” Gaye Parlane


View from drone of repainted papanui high school christchurch
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Are you sick of flaking paint at your factory?

Increasingly we get asked by factories, how do we fix flaking paint on walls, ceilings and doors? I have put out the key issues that cause flaking paint, and some ideas on how to overcome them.


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How to save thousands when doing a repaint?

Often in speaking with clients the question comes up “How can I save money on this repaint project?”

I have listed out the best options in this article and some things you should avoid.


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Lead based paint stripping - is it being contained and are you protected as Head Contractor?

After viewing many Schools and  work sites I continue to be amazed at how many painters and building contractors ignore the lead paint dangers. Small flakes or dust can affect children, adults and most importantly the unborn child causing severe symptoms and even death if untreated.


Old windows needing paint stripping
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Will I need to scaffold the exterior of my building? Or can it be done by abseil or another method?

As I visit commercial and industrial sites each week I notice how many have expensive scaffolds erected on them for many months. Whilst scaffold is required in some cases for general maintenance, painting and cleaning there is more cost effective options available. These could be from boom lifts to abseiling.


Painting using High Lift Truck and safety gear
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