Are you sick of flaking paint at your factory?

Blog-pic-3Increasingly we get asked by factories, how do we fix flaking paint on walls, ceilings and doors? I have put out the key issues that cause flaking paint, and some ideas on how to overcome them.

Poor preparation:

Surfaces need to be prepped properly – this may include water blasting, degreasing, sanding, scraping or use of a mechanical device to roughen the surface.

Coating time restraints:

The coating needs time to dry/ cure properly – often walls can be getting washed down again 4-5 hours after an application.

Incorrect primers:

Etch primer should be used in every factory. This is the typical generic primer. Epoxy primers work too – try a patch first. The use of water-based primers normally isn’t successful.

Painting over silicon:

Every factory uses silicon for holes or cracks on the site. When using silicon always choose the paintable option it saves so many issues. There is no product that will stick to unpaintable silicon.

Lack of supervision with those applying the products:

Many sites leave touch up painting to the apprentice. It needs to be done by someone who understands the process – prep, primer and top coats and dry times etc. They need not be a trade painter.

Low grade paints:

Many factories rely on common house paint companies eg: Resene, Wattyl and Dulux, however going to an industrial coatings the likes of Altex or International is the best option.

How can flaking paint be overcome?

  • Have a repainting plan in place where you do section by section properly each year.
  • Have a well trained crew doing the work who understand the limitations.
  • Get a paint specification for your site for all applications.
  • If painting small sections – tape off the section on each edge.
  • Assess what coatings you are going over.
  • Keep a live record of what is used in each area for future reference.

Should you want more ideas please email me and send a pic of your issues, I am only too happy to help.

Ben Waite

Ben Waite

Ben has had vast experience in the painting and industrial coatings industry. Having left school to work in the family business has meant that his experience has been learnt from the ground up. Training of teams today is a large focus for Ben, and something he believes sets National Decorators team apart from the rest. Ben has worked in the waterproofing/ industrial flooring sector for many years which gave vast knowledge to the technical coatings industry.Having been head foreman on jobs of over 5000 man hours, he currently manages over 5000 man hours every month from an operations manager’s role.
Ben has managed the Health and Safety division of the company for 5 years now along with our consultants, and is delighted at our result of 96% on the AppCon contractor database. Along with this National Decorators also successfully passed ACC secondary assessment audit.
Ben enjoys working closely with clients to understand their needs and timeframes to deliver a great result on time and in a professional manner. He loves working with the National Decorators team to inspire the members to excel, live happy lives and in turn please the great clients we work with every day
Ben Waite

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