Work of art: 7 clever water blasting results

Yes, it’s sometimes tempting to try some art of our own while cleaning New Zealand’s commercial buildings. However it’s best for everyone if we stick to what we’re good at!

1. Cold hard cash

2. This really is a work of art…

3. A different type of promotional material

4. A long time ago, on a path far, far away…

5. Big is beautiful

6. No speech bubbles here

7. The famous British artist ‘Moose’ at work

Richard Waite

Richard Waite

Richard has been the General Manager of National Decorators for the past 5 years developing the company in the property and construction markets. Working off the base of a 100+ year old legacy, he has refined the company from a family business to be the leading painting company in the country. Some key developments have been in the integration of significant IT systems to increase the customer experience and enhance efficiency. Another big focus was reshaping the culture of the onsite teams to reflect the company in the best possible way.
Richard also leads a sales and marketing team of 7 staff, pushing into new markets and developing new services for our customers. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife Jenny and 2 young girls, as well as joining in community events.
Richard Waite

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